Enviro Case™

                     The Enviro Case™

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Solution to Eradicate Bed Bugs from your personal belongings

The Enviro Case™ was developed to kill bed bugs by way of heat. Our unit utilizes a 5 heater system that helps circulate the heat through the case, reaching the core at optimal temperatures. It heats between 150-220 degrees Fahrenheit. A bed bug cannot survive above 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Enviro Case™ was developed to eliminate bed bugs from items without using harsh chemicals.

Bed bugs have become a widespread problem in many areas, including the healthcare industry. The Enviro Case™ provides a solution to treat patients while preventing the facility from being infested. This is accomplished in a fast, effective and discreet manner.

The Enviro Case™ provides a safe and effective solution to resolve a bed bug issue quickly and discreetly.


  • Light and easy to carry
  • Spacious 19″x10″x11″ for all personal belongings
  • Collapsible so it is easily stored away when not in use
  • Simple instructions
  • Provides peace of mind for travelers when returning home

Comes ready to use!


  • Place items in case
  • Zip closed and plug case in
  • Unit will automatically turn on and run for 90 minutes of heat treatment
  • Timer will count down and automatically shut off when completed
  • Remove the items, wipe case down and it’s ready to use again!

The Enviro Case will kill bed bugs and their eggs at ALL stages of their life cycle, including ticks, lice and more.