Storm Bracket System

Efficient Board Up Procedure for Hurricane Conditions


Installation is 5x faster with the Storm Bracket System because plywood no longer requires a custom fit.


Storm Bracket System was designed to:

  • Alleviate damaged building components during board-up procedure
  • Enhance the protection factor to glass surfaces
  • Minimize waste of plywood
  • Dramatically reduce the board-up process time




Requires 2 holes for each bracket and only 4 brackets for each window


Designed to keep plywood away from glass surfaces, eliminating any breakage




Additional benefits:

  • Previous applications were only able to withstand 20 lbs per sq. in. of force.  The Storm Bracket System increases per sq. in. of force up to 10x.
  • The Storm Bracket System allows for easy access into buildings with hinged doors.
  • Upon removal of the Storm Bracket System, color matching caps are installed in all existing screw holes to match the exterior of the building.Reduces cost of any future installation